memory or dream? she stood a while in doubt. (theboydetective) wrote in thedressingroom,
memory or dream? she stood a while in doubt.

[The kid sits at a cheap card table on a flimsy-looking folding chair, staring into space as he shuffles a classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck, slow and absentminded. There's an upturned baseball hat with a few coins in it and a stubby, unlit white candle; a little sign taped to the edge of the table flutters in the slight breeze generated by people's passage. It reads THREE CARD TAROT READING: $2.

He himself isn't much to look at — pale, forgettable, eyes dark and a little hollow, dressed in a hoodie, leather jacket, jeans, and sneakers. Maybe fifteen, young in an old way or maybe old in a young way, the difference is negligible.

For those with senses keen enough for it, he doesn't have much of a scent. Definitely alive, yet the whiff of death is significant, though there's no decay, no rot. He isn't dead. Just something about him is.

The gun tucked in his jacket is well-hidden, as is the battered silver flask. He's been chewing mint gum.]
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