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[Alice arrives in the room with a thud--falling to the ground, as a matter of fact. She doesn't expect this situation, not at all. She manages to get up and dust herself off, surprised she's not injured in any way.]

...I shouldn't be here.
came to stay

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[The sofa she sits on looks just like her favourite one from home, and on the coffee table before her, sits a plate holding a cupcake with white icing and a lit candle.]

This is not exactly how I wanted to celebrate my last birthday as a single lady.

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[When Greg first walks in-- through a door he'd thought opened to somewhere else-- he spends a good ten minutes testing the room, just walking around and exploring the boundaries, poking his head through any doors he can open. It might be a training exercise, it might be a dream, or it might be real-- but like hell he's going to be caught unprepared in a new situation. In the same vein, he eases back his control over his empathic abilities just a little, and anyone who's sensitive to that sort of thing might feel his presence very faintly. He's not here to read anyone's mind; that's not worth the kind of trouble he'd get into if this turned out not to be a training exercise. He's just skimming for the most prominent emotions in the room, turning up the volume on the usual buzz in his head.]

So, hypothetically, yeah? [And he's well aware people only say that when the situation in question is rather less hypothetical than they'd like it to be, but beggars can't be choosers, and such. The question he's about to ask is a bit of a giveaway, anyhow.]

How much of what goes on in here do you think someone with psychic powers could see? You know, from the outside.