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The Dressing Room

before, after and between shows

6/30/12 07:20 am - adjectively - Into the oblivion

There was a light. A beautiful light that softly illuminated everything and yet nothing. There was a warmth. A beautiful warmth that softened everything and breathed life. There was a feeling of intoxication and compulsion. It drew her in...

Leia found herself lying on the floor in a large white chamber simply undulating this light. "Well, this is must be some sort of incredibly bizarre trip." 

6/29/12 07:36 pm - ofdrumsthesound

The Master has imagined up a feast and is happily eating more than ought to be possible.

Care to join him?

6/26/12 08:54 pm - holdon_together

[Leif is alone and apparently glad of it, for the moment, because he has wrok to do, up on his toes, ballet shoes and all.

Releve. Degage. Glissade asemble. Releve.

Aaaaand repeat.

6/26/12 06:44 pm - belcanto_diva

[She's rehearsing for an upcoming audition. No, she hasn't noticed that the room around her has changed. She hasn't noticed anything, actually. Her eyes are closed and she just allows the music to surround her.]

6/24/12 08:27 pm - sayit_tomenow

[So the man walks in with a guitar case. This is usually the door he uses to get to the street corner but...it's a room. A big room.]

[...Whatever. He's here for business. So he puts down his case, opens the latches, leaves the case open, and begins to play.]

6/13/12 11:00 pm - emergencyport

[Behold, a confused little Quarian with a shotgun. She's both intrigued and ready to shoot anyone who comes too near.]

6/9/12 08:11 pm - venenum_bellus

[Stops short as she enters, then turns around to be sure she's where she thought she was. When the scene behind her remains unchanged, she shrugs, and steps into the room.]

Huh. Thought this place might've disappeared.

6/7/12 11:27 pm - mutemagic

[ The small, blue-eyed druid boy looks around in silence, more curious than afraid. Wherever this place is, he supposes it must be a prison of some kind. It could only be Emrys' doing, and it only adds one more offense to the growing list for which Mordred will eventually make him pay.

Rather than standing about in one place and ruminating on wrongs done him, the druid boy decides to explore. He soon finds that there are others here, and he is relieved that he's not alone. ]

6/2/12 09:17 pm - boyking

[No need to mob him with love. Form an orderly queue, please.]

6/2/12 09:12 pm - holdon_together

[S'up Room? Fun fact: there's a TV station that only plays sappy romance movies. It might be Room-specific, but it might not. What's important is that it's on and playing Titanic, which Leif has never seen. Right now he has a perfectly contented, dreamy look on his face.

This can't end well.

5/28/12 01:32 am - hufflebadger

[Looks around curiously as if unsure where or how he got here. Perhaps he is trapped in a looking glass like in muggle stories.]

Maybe that last firewhiskey was a bad idea...

5/19/12 08:46 pm - ofdrumsthesound

Oh great, yet another wood between the worlds.

Got anything to eat around here?

5/16/12 02:01 pm - soulinadiary

[ Well, look at it.

Tattered corners, leather cover -- left upon the table in the very middle of the room, so very carelessly. Aren't you just dying to write something upon those innocent, blank pages? If only to test your penmanship. Certainly, it could not hurt to do so. A diary cannot discriminate against you; it will accept words from the very good, and the very evil, and the very apathetic alike; from anything in-between. As long as you can hold a writing tool, it will embrace you.

And did you not know? Diaries will always keep your secrets, if you keep them under lock and key. So what do you say? Pick up a quill, or pick up a pen... and write.]

ooc: All of the replies from the diary would appear handwritten [Vivaldi font]. Just mentioning this in case it does not, due to some random html magic trick. :|


5/14/12 02:37 am - love_auden

[Well, look who's back? Alaska sits in her giant, ugly armchair and reads the same poetry book for the millionth time. It looks, from her slouchy posture, that she's been sitting there for a while.]

[Ignoring a certain holiday? Not at all. She has no idea what you're talking about.]

5/7/12 04:24 am - flongbottom

well, now what?

5/3/12 04:15 am - metavirtue

[Room, meet the lovely Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama, Victorian metanatural, who through touch, can revert anyone temporarily human and take on their supernatural aspects. She's also a hydrophobe.]

Oh, this will not do at all! Where am I?

5/2/12 01:44 pm - notyourfred

Getting fired sucks.

4/28/12 02:02 am - proudbadger

Cedric sort of stumbles in, looking a bit confused when he notices where he is exactly.

"Merlin, I haven't been here in ages."

4/25/12 07:51 pm - fishingwins

[A teenaged boy is rolling around on the floor.]

There sure are a lot of people here! Hey, does anyone want to go fishing with me? Anyone at all?

4/24/12 11:31 am - zut_a_louis

I'm bored and I don't want to go back to my world just yet. 

Tell me a secret: What was the name of your imaginary friend? How much was the most expensive thing you've ever stolen? How did you lose your virginity? Or something more interesting. 

Feel free to ask me stuff too. I am an open tabloid.
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